Pelvic Floor 101


In this webinar, you will be introduced to the pelvic floor muscles - you know the muscles in your pelvis you never heard of...? Indeed, most people learn about their pelvic floor once they start experiencing symptoms such as bladder or bowel control issues, pelvic pain, overactive bladder, prolapse, pain with sex and so on. Contrary to the popular belief, pelvic floor problems do not only affect elders or women after childbirth, but individuals from any gender and any age.

The good news is: Pelvic Health Physiotherapy "is a thing", and can help! In this webinar, we will review the anatomy and roles of the pelvic floor, and touch about the main symptoms that can occur with pelvic floor dysfunctions. We will then explain the role of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy in the assessment and treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Anyone - male or female of any age - who is interested in being introduced to the basics of the pelvic floor. We also recommend it for any clients who are planning on coming for a 1-1 consultation and wants to get the basic knowledge prior to their visit, this way we can spend more time addressing the specifics of your issues 🙂

- Pelvic Floor anatomy & roles
- Common symptoms associated with pelvic floor disorders
- Pelvic Health Physiotherapy: what is it?

FORMAT: Online webinar - watch now below 🙂

DURATION: 45 min