Post Partum Floor & Core Awareness Program



Pregnancy & delivery bring a significant amount of pressure on the pelvic floor muscles around the vagina and anus. The abdominal wall also goes under a long period of stretch during pregnancy, weakening the core. In the first 3 months after delivery (so called the Fourth Trimester), it is important for moms to allow their body to heal before going back to moderate-intense physical activities. Indeed, going back to sports too early after baby may create long term damage such as pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic and low back pain and so on.

That being said - what can you do to help your body recover safely in this critical period? This is what you will learn in this class. Bringing awareness to the deep core and pelvic floor muscles and starting to awaken them gently will be the main focus of this 4-week program.


  • Any mom > 3 weeks post partum - babies are absolutely welcome 🙂 However, the class is not suitable for mobile babies.
  • We especially recommend this program in the first 3 months after delivery
  • The exercises demonstrated in this class are safe for everyone, regardless of your delivery mode (c-section or vaginal)


- Learn to reconnect with your body by engaging your deep core & pelvic floor muscles

- Build up your strength progressively & safely before getting back into moderate-intense physical activity & prevent injuries

- Get 1-1 feedback about your exercises from Pelvic Health Physiotherapist & Birth Healing Specialist Sophie Villeneuve

- Socialize with other moms & babies in the same stage as you, share your successes and challenges

- Receive your exercise summary after each class for your home practice

- Discuss various topics of interest each week, from protection of your pelvic floor during the 4th trimester, back pain prevention, return to sexual activity after delivery, and more

FORMAT: Small group exercise class in yoga studio - please wear comfortable clothes - all material will be provided.


DURATION: 1h30, weekly x 4 weeks

SCHEDULE:  Tuesdays from 13:30-15:00 , the program is offered every month or so. Consult our schedule in our online booking system (starting dates are detailed on the top banner of our online booking page).

BOOK EARLY: our classes tend to sell out fast, so we recommend booking your spot during pregnancy if you can. Schedule your class at any point in your 4th trimester (3 months after delivery).

LOCATION: Breath of Life Studio

COST: 140$ - the class is free for clients who purchase a Beyond Birthing Package.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A 2-week notice is required for cancellation without charge. Payments will be processed on your credit card on file 2 weeks before the class starts. No refund after cancellation deadline.

Get a taste of Sophie's Beyond Birthing Program by watching this 20-min webinar 🙂


  • “Post partum classes with Sophie were essential to help my body recover from the delivery. Sophie provided helpful tips and exercises that helped me to make peace with my pelvic floor!”- Coralie Langevin


  • “The classes and private sessions I attended with Sophie prenatally and post natally were incredibly informative and empowering. You’ll learn how to prepare for the birthing process and how to recover your body after.  Sophie is professional, interesting and fun to work with.  Definitely worth your time to feel successful and prepared.” – Vanessa Stewart


  • “Sophie’s passion, knowledge, professionalism and caring nature shine through in all areas of her work. Her pre and postnatal classes are a must for all mothers! Her postnatal class validated my experience and I learned how to safely strengthen my core to get back into exercising again.” – Sophie Fortier