I am so glad we have Sophie here in Whhitehorse. She is an excellent professional. After baby's delivery she helped me to understand my body. Now I know what exercises are good for me and didn't have any pelvic floor issues. Also I love how commited she is with the community! I can just say THANK YOU! I highly recommend her!

Isabel Crespo -

Had an awesome experience with Sophie! She was fast to get back to me on when and what type of appt. I would need and what she would be able to help me with during the last month of pregnancy. I had a lot of pelvic/hip pain during most of my second pregnancy and I should have went to her sooner because from my appt with her on I was nearly pain free and the tips she gave for delivery made birth much easier on me.

Hayley Taylor -

After I injured my quadricep last year, I thought I had healed pretty well. Then I got pregnant and started having issues with my pelvis and gate because one side was stronger than the other. After one session with Sophie I already feel sooo much better less pressure and more mobility. Great experience!!!

Denali Gaetz -

The classes and private sessions I attended with Sophie prenatally and post natally were incredibly informative and empowering. You'll learn how to prepare for the birthing process and how to recover your body after.  Sophie is professional, interesting and fun to work with.  Definitely worth your time to feel successful and prepared.

Vanessa Stewart -

Post partum classes with Sophie were essential to help my body recover from the delivery. Sophie provided helpful tips and exercises that helped me to make peace with my pelvic floor!

Coralie Langevin -

I was fortunate to work with Sophie one on one for prenatal care, as well as through her pre and post natal classes. Sophie's passion, knowledge, professionalism and caring nature shine through in all areas of her work. Her pre and postnatal classes are a must for all mothers! Her prenatal class gave me insight that I didn't learn in any other class or book; I gained so much confidence and clarity in preparing for birth. Her postnatal class validated my experience and I learned how to safely strengthen my core to get back into exercising again. 

Sophie Fortier -

Sophie is wonderful. I had several sessions with her while pregnant which helped me to have a smooth delivery, and I've been seeing her to help with post-partum recovery. I recommend her if you're expecting or recovering from childbirth.

Sarah M -

While I was pregnant Sophie and I worked to improve my pelvic floor, hip pain, and also did a birth consult. I'm very glad I did as it helped me feel confident throughout my labour, especially when it came time to push and deliver our little babe. Very glad for Sophie's guidance throughout my pregnancy and looking forward to seeing her for my post partum consult. I'd highly recommend her!

Andrea -

I wasn't sure what to expect when I made an appointment to have my pelvic floor examined by Sophie.  By nature, I am a private person when it comes to physical examinations and I was relieved by how comfortable Sophie made me feel and how well she informed me during the process and all that I learned about a part of my body I really had no expertise in. It's made a difference! I have been encouraging friends to become more educated and to consider having a base line of knowing their pelvic floor health.

Barb -

Sophie is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate! She was able to help me work through some pain issues I thought I would never be rid of. I would recommend her to anyone that is having chronic pelvic pain!!

Leilah -