My review of the EPI-NO, a cool device for birth prep!

This year, I  can absolutely say that I learned a ton about birthing, preparation for birthing, pregnancy, post natal pelvic health, and so on.  This is in part due to the fact that my friend & doula colleague Clodie-Pascale Villeneuve (Artemis Doula) and I started offering a prenatal workshop called “Get Ready to Rock your Birth Experience“. This initiative has been so far the best opportunity for me to learn about the subject. Since then, there is no wrong place or moment for me to read an article or pelvic health PT blog about it. Actually, if you see me waiting in line somewhere in town, I might be reading this literature review about the effectiveness of such and such intervention to prevent perineal tear, or commenting on a blog post about sex life after baby. OK, I’m officially a nerdy.

THE POINT IS: through these workshops, it has been a treat to meet all these amazing moms-to-be who are interested in doing the best they can to have a smooth delivery. What are their fears? What are their thoughts? What do they want to know? And most importantly, how can I, as a pelvic health PT, help them? Every workshop brings me a better understanding on how to get them prepared for one of the most intense experience they will ever go through.

Just recently, after attending our prenatal workshop, three participants came to me asking some guidance about how to use the EPI-NO device which they had ordered online.

“What is the EPI-NO” you’re asking. Well, on the box, it is described as a “birth preparation and postnatal pelvic floor muscle trainer”. But let’s talk in words we all understand here, it’s a inflatable balloon that you insert in your vagina to stretch it before birth, and that you can also use for feedback to see if you’re doing your Kegels right (see my video below).

I had heard of the EPI-NO through the pelvic health physio community, but I had never made a step forward in ordering one. Having access to the device through those participants was the perfect opportunity to get to know how it worked and wrap my head around the thing.

So we tried it in my clinic – I was pretty stocked the first time I saw it. The first thing I observed is how much confident in regards to their delivery my clients were after trying the EPI-NO. It’s like if I had taken a huge weight off their shoulders. It’s like if they walked out of my door with a “I think I can do this” aura around them. This in itself can make a huge difference when you start labor, as you begin the process with a positive, empowered  and confident mindset.

OK, I needed to try it. After all, how could I recommend something that I had never tried myself? So this morning, I unwrapped the box, locked my bedroom door and did it. I tried the EPI-NO and stretched my vagina as if I was preparing for birth (if you’re reading this honey, don’t worry, I’m not pregnant).

Here is my review 🙂