Beyond Birthing Packages – Q&A

Package payment / booking / scheduling

How do I sign up for my package?

Start by booking one of the services included in the package you are interested in - whether it is our Get your Floor Ready for Baby prenatal class or a prenatal consultation. Consult our sections below for more details about when to book your sessions. We will give you the option to get a Beyond Birthing Package upon our first meeting before proceeding your payment for your class or 1-1 session.

How do I book my first session or class?

All your sessions & classes can be booked and managed through our online booking system. If there is no availability for a prenatal consultation before your due date, please contact us at

Will I be able to claim my physiotherapy sessions to my insurance provider?

Absolutely. Here is how it works:

  • The amount that you paid for your package will be transferred onto a virtual gift card in your file. Your gift card will be redeemed every time a service is provided.
  •  After attending a session or class, a physiotherapy receipt will be issued with the service’s value (ex: 30-min physiotherapy session – 95$). You can then claim this session to your insurance provider.
  • Receipts will be provided up to the total amount that you paid for your package.
  • You may want to check with your insurance provider if they cover for physiotherapy group exercise classes. If you have any doubts about your coverage, please contact your provider prior to booking.
Prenatal workshop - Get your Floor Ready for Baby

How often do you run your prenatal workshops?

Our prenatal classes are scheduled every few weeks on a regular basis, and we guarantee to run them regardless of the number of participants. Consult our online booking system for the schedule.

When in my pregnancy shall I attend the prenatal workshop?

Our prenatal workshop can be attended at any point during your pregnancy. However, to make the most of it, we would recommend taking it between 26 & 34 weeks. This way, your knowledge will be fresh in mind for birth, and you will get plenty of time to practice the exercises before Baby comes.

Can my birth partner attend the prenatal workshop with me?

Yes, the program is offered in 2 sessions of 2h each. Your birth partner is invited to join us for the second session to learn how to best support you through your labour & recovery.

What is the content of your prenatal workshop and how is it different from the prenatal classes at the Health Centre?

The content of our prenatal class focuses on physical & pelvic preparation for birth as well as my top recommendations for the immediate post natal care. This is not covered in any other prenatal classes in the Yukon. For more details about the exact content of Get your Floor Ready for Baby, click here.

I am interested in using my 60-min session for a prenatal consultation. Shall I book the prenatal workshop first, or the 1-1 session?

It really depends on your needs. If you have any concerns to address regarding your pelvic health (ex: incontinence, pelvic or low back pain, vaginal heaviness, etc.), you may want to book your private session as soon as possible to get advice on how to eliminate or manage these issues. If you are interested in a more general prenatal consultation, we would recommend attending our prenatal workshop first, followed by your 1-1 visit around 34 weeks. Please ensure to book your visit as soon as possible according to your due date, as our schedule books 6-8 weeks in advance.

I am scheduled for a C-section – is it still relevant for me to attend the prenatal workshop?

Absolutely. The information provided in our prenatal class is relevant for both women who are planning on a vaginal or c-section delivery.

Is it indicated to take the prenatal workshop if I am not a first time mom?

100%. Our satisfaction surveys showed that both 1st time moms & moms who had a previous birth experience found our prenatal classes helpful & relevant. 100% of our past participants mentioned that they would recommend the class to a friend.


Postpartum Floor & Core Awareness Program

Can I bring Baby to my exercise class?

Absolutely! We love babies 🙂 However, the environment is best when babies can remain in one spot (either in their car seat or on a blanket by mom). This class is not suitable for mobile babies.

How often do you run the post partum program?

Our postnatal exercise program runs every month or so in the afternoons (1h30-3:00) - typically on Tuesdays but the day of the week may vary from one group to another. You can consult our schedule in our online booking system.

What is the post partum exercise program’s content?

The program goes over gentle pelvic floor & core awareness exercises that are safe and effective to start during your 4th trimester (first 12 weeks after delivery). Recommendations are provided about different topics of interest such as back pain, return to sex life after Baby, pelvic floor protection & safe return to exercises. Since we keep our groups small, you will receive frequent 1-1 feedback from the physiotherapist to help you progress through your exercises and ensure proper technique. For more details about the program’s description, click here.

When after birth shall I start the post partum exercise class?

Our program is designed for moms in their 4th trimester; more specifically 3-12 weeks. It is meant to prepare your body before reintroducing moderate-intense physical activity or fitness groups. We highly recommend resting and recovering as much as you can for the first 3 weeks following birth and avoid exercising, whether you had a c-section or vaginal delivery. If you are more than 12 weeks post partum, you are still welcome to this class. However, keep in mind that we do not accept mobile babies in the class.

Do you need a minimum number of participants to run the program?

Our classes typically sell out, so we are confident that they will run 🙂

Where do you hold the exercise classes?

The location may vary depending on studio's availabilities & group's size. We ensure that our studios offer free parking options close by, so our participants do not have to pay parking or walk long distances with their baby to get to the studio. You will receive all the information about location through email a few weeks prior to the class once you have signed up. If location may be an issue for you, please contact us at to get updates.

I had a C-section - can I still attend the post partum exercise class?

Our exercise class is safe and effective both for women who underwent a c-section & vaginal delivery. Pregnancy itself being a risk factor for pelvic floor & core disorders, we recommend any post partum mom to follow our exercise program to heal these parts of their bodies, regardless of their delivery mode. Moreover, many women who had c-sections went through medical interventions such as vacuum, forceps and extensive pushing time. These are all risk factors for pelvic floor damage, which will require some healing and care.

What is the deadline to cancel the class without charge?

If you sign up for the class but for a reason or another you cannot make it, we will happily refund you 100% of your payment if you cancel more than 2 weeks before the class starts. After the cancellation deadline, no refund will be processed.

1-1 physiotherapy sessions

Can I bring Baby to my physiotherapy appointments?  

Of course! Our clinic is equipped with a vibrating baby chair, baby toys, a change table and a breastfeeding pillow to keep your little one happy & make this experience as comfortable as possible for you. If you prefer attending your 1-1 sessions on your own - which we recommend for the first post partum visit, we offer appointments over lunch time & after work hours to make it easier for you and your partner to coordinate Baby's care while you are getting some me-time 🙂

Can I use my 1-1 physiotherapy sessions whenever I want?

Absolutely. Your individualized sessions can be used before or after birth at your own convenience. There is no time limit as to when you can use them post partum. Typically, our clients use one 60-min session before & after birth, and their 30-min follow-up visits after Baby. However, you could decide to use them differently according to your needs. Plan on having your sessions booked in advance if you can, as our schedule tends to book a few weeks in advance. It is easier to cancel your appointments last minute, versus scheduling last minute.

We typically try and schedule your post partum visit before you give birth (according to your due date - 6 weeks post partum) to ensure that you are prioritized in our schedule.

What if I do not need all my follow up visits after birth?

Most of our clients need a minimum of 2-3 physiotherapy sessions post delivery to cover the basics of their pelvic care. Even the most uneventful birth requires basic pelvic health physiotherapy care, and believe us you will need those sessions 🙂 However, if you feel like you do not need your sessions post partum, we will happily discuss your options.

Experience + specifics

What is included in the 4th trimester recovery kit? 

The post partum recovery kit includes a few key items that you will appreciate having during your post partum healing:

  • The Fridababy peri bottle: to clean your lady bits after urination or bowel movement, with a more ergonomic design than the one offered at the hospital
  • A lactation tea from Terra Life (Jocelyn Murphy, naturopath in Whitehorse): to help with milk production
  • Calendula tea leaves from Aroma Borealis: to soak your perineum and help with healing vaginal tears & hemorrhoids
  • Nettle leaf tea from Aroma Borealis: to bump up your energy and fight exhaustion/fatigue
  • Epsom salt with lavender generously offered by Caroline Alain, Doterra rep: for a relaxation bath before or after delivery
  • Information sheet about different ways to use essential oils for mommy care
  • Extra absorbent incontinence pads pack: to keep your lady bits dry & help them breath in the first few weeks while you may have some urine leakage
  • Organic water based lubricant from Aroma Borealis: to help with vaginal dryness when you feel ready to get back into penetrative intercourse

What does the home visit included in the Experience + package entail?

The Experience + includes one home visit that can be used for one of your physiotherapy sessions already included in your package. It is up to you to pick which session you would like to use as a home visit. Most of our clients will choose to use it for their post partum assessment (around 6 weeks). At that stage, taking Baby out of the routine can be challenging, so receiving your services at home can offer some peace of mind.

Is the home visit available for anyone?

At this time, the home visits are available for our clients located within Whitehorse city limits. If you purchase the Experience + package and you are not located within city limits, please let us know and we will happily discuss your options.

What is the post partum emergency support? 

A one-time 20-min phone call that you can request at any time in the first 12 weeks after birth if you have any immediate/urgent concerns. We typically see women at 6 weeks post partum for their pelvic assessment. However, so many concerns can arise before then, and it is always comforting to be able to talk to a professional about these issues and get some immediate advice.

For example:

  • You went for your first walk with baby after 3 weeks and you feel some intense vaginal heaviness after, what do you do? Is this normal? Should you go your doctor?
  • You have intense pain with bowel movement with bleeding and it is not getting any better: what is the best way to manage it?
  • You had a c-section and you feel pain around the scar with very mild activity: is this normal? do you need to hold off on that camping weekend you had planned on?

These are all examples taken from clients stories!

With this 20-min emergency support phone call, you can request a 20-min phone consultation with me at any time, and I will make sure to call you within the next 24h (within business days) so we can sort through these issues and give you some recommendations.

The emergency support is a service exclusive to the Experience + package 🙂

Testimonials from our Moms

The classes and private sessions I attended with Sophie prenatally and post natally were incredibly informative and empowering. You'll learn how to prepare for the birthing process and how to recover your body after.  Sophie is professional, interesting and fun to work with.  Definitely worth your time to feel successful and prepared.  - Vanessa Stewart

I was fortunate to work with Sophie one on one for prenatal care, as well as through her pre and post natal classes. Sophie's passion, knowledge, professionalism and caring nature shine through in all areas of her work. Her pre and postnatal classes are a must for all mothers! Her prenatal class gave me insight that I didn't learn in any other class or book; I gained so much confidence and clarity in preparing for birth. Her postnatal class validated my experience and I learned how to safely strengthen my core to get back into exercising again. - Sophie Fortier

Post partum classes with Sophie were essential to help my body recover from the delivery. Sophie provided helpful tips and exercises that helped me to make peace with my pelvic floor! - Coralie Langevin

Sophie is knowledgeable and professional. The home visit option was extremely helpful for me as a new mom. She skillfully navigated my needs with my son’s and even the dog! I would not have been able to get the help I needed had Sophie not been flexible and come to me. - Hannah Raphael