About us

Sophie Villeneuve, owner

Sophie Villeneuve is a bilingual (French/English) registered Pelvic Health Physiotherapist in the Yukon with a special endorsement for the assessment & treatment of uro-genital and rectal conditions. She is also a member of the Women’s Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and a certified Birth Healing Specialist.

Sophie obtained her physiotherapy degree from Laval University (Quebec, Canada) in 2008. In 2013, she moved to the Yukon and worked as a physiotherapist at Copper Ridge Place for two years. Recognizing the need for more pelvic health services in the community, she took post-graduate training with Pelvic Health Solutions in 2015, and completed her level 1 (Urinary Incontinence in Female & Male), level 2 (Male & Female Pelvic Pain) and level 3 (Treating the Pain System: a New Model of Care) courses.

In April 2015, she opened Physio Borealis, the only physiotherapy clinic strictly focused on pelvic health in the Yukon. From 2015 to 2016, Sophie was also in charge of the Pelvic Floor Program at Whitehorse General Hospital.

Through her Pelvic Health Physiotherapy practice, Sophie soon developed a passion for treating pregnant & post partum women. Indeed, she felt privileged to support women through this very special stage of life and get to develop a relationship both with Mom & Baby. In 2018, she decided to push her passion further and undertook special training at the Institute for Birth Healing (Denver, CO, USA). After attending three courses (Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body, Holistic Treatment of the Post Partum Body, Advanced Treatment of the Post Partum Body), Sophie successfully completed her exams and received her Birth Healing Specialist certification in December 2018. She is proud to be the 1st therapist in Canada to obtain this special certification which provides her with advanced techniques to help women prepare & recover from birth.

Sophie's approach to pelvic health mixes comprehensive and holistic body work (external & internal if indicated), customized exercises prescription, as well as in-depth education to each client. Regarding the private nature of pelvic health concerns, it is a priority for Sophie to make her clients feel comfortable through the whole process and create a respectful & positive environment.

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I made an appointment to have my pelvic floor examined by Sophie.  By nature, I am a private person when it comes to physical examinations. I was relieved by how comfortable Sophie made me feel and how well she informed me during the process. " - Barb, client (read more testimonials)

With the increase in post partum women with newborns seeking treatments at Physio Borealis, a few upgrades were made in 2018. A change table, breastfeeding pillow & baby toys were added to the waiting area. The treatment room was upgraded with a vibrating baby chair to keep the little one happy while mom is receiving treatment. Finally, Physio Borealis started offering a home visit option for clients within city limits, acknowledging the challenge for moms to attend appointments in the early post partum period.

Sophie remains actively engaged with Yukon moms on social media through her group Yukon Moms & Pelvic Health Community where they exchange about different topics of interest related to pregnancy and post natal care. Sophie can also be followed on Physio Borealis' Facebook Page, Instagram and through her newsletter.

Along with 1-1 physiotherapy treatments, Sophie provides pelvic health education workshops & classes, from prenatal preparation for delivery to post partum pelvic floor exercise classes, and other workshops of interest. Over the years, she has been invited as a guest speaker by different groups in the community such as local physicians, pre & post natal groups & Maternity Fairs to share her expertise about pelvic health.

What is Pelvic Health Physiotherapy?

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is a specific type of physiotherapy assessing and treating pelvic floor dysfunctions. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, ligaments and fascias acting like a hammock to support the bladder, rectum, uterus (in female) and prostate (in male). The pelvic floor muscles must have the ability to contract to maintain urinary & bowel continence, and relax to allow for urination, bowel movements, and sexual intercourse in women.

Pelvic floor dysfunctions can present through different symptoms, including but not limited to: pelvic pain, urinary or fecal incontinence, urinary urgency, overactive bladder, constipation, pelvic heaviness / prolapse, etc. Pelvic Floor Symptoms can have a negative effect on someone’s quality of life, impacting their daily activities, work, social and sex life, leisure and so on.

If you experience pelvic floor disorders symptoms, it is important to get assessed by a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist to determine the nature of your problem and provide an appropriate treatment. Depending on the cause of your symptoms, different treatment methods can be used: internal and external manual bodywork, stretching and strengthening exercises, bladder retraining, education re: healthy bladder/bowel habits, etc.

Physio Borealis’ philosophy is to provide each client with an individualized treatment focused on their needs and goals. We recognize that each patient is different and has specific needs. Therefore, our approach is flexible and adapted to each individual. By providing education, exercises and self-management tools, we coach our clients to take control of their pelvic health and regain quality of life.