Self-massage with balls during & after pregnancy

Low back, hip & pelvic pain during & after pregnancy can restrict mobility and limit moms in their daily activities. Having some self-management techniques to alleviate the pain can be a life saver for a better sleep, improved mobility & remaining active.

How about using massage balls for self-treatment? You can do it anywhere, anytime, for as long as you want! Isn’t it the best?


  • Pregnant or post partum women who experience low back, hip, sacrum or pelvic pain (**an assessment by a pelvic health PT is highly recommended prior to do these techniques, to make sure they are appropriate for you**)
  • Pregnant women who are closer to labour (>36 weeks) and want to improve their pelvic mobility in order to ease labour and birth
  • Pregnant women in labour who want to reduce pain during the contractions

First watch the warm-up video to help your tissues get in the mood and ease into the release. Then, move on to the next video for more in depth massage techniques.

**The Yoga Tune up massage balls are available at my clinic for purchase, or online :)**

2 self-release techniques for your guts!

If you have abdominal discomfort from bloating or constipation,
this video for you!

Or if you came to see me and I mentioned that you had tension around your intestines, this video is for you too! 

Here below is a video with two techniques you can do at home to release your small intestine and colon.
This is a quite powerful health tool that you can use for yourself or your kids to help with digestion!

Why do we have tensions in our guts? 
Stress, intense core workouts,¬†habit¬†of clenching the belly to “look flat”, poor diet, and trauma (ex: car accident, falls) can all lead to tensions in the fascias and connective tissues around our guts.

Why is it bad to have tensions in our intestines? 
It can lead to many problems, including:
– Decreased flow and mobility in the digestive system, leading to bloating/constipation and discomfort along the digestive track in some cases

РIncreasing pressure on the pelvic organs such as the bladder, uterine and rectum, and can lead to urine leakage, urinary urgency, painful menses

How to prevent tensions to build up in my guts? 
– Decreasing your stress level as much as possible
РHaving a healthy diet that includes adequate fibre & water intake
– Avoiding to clench your core to look like you have a “flat belly”¬†through your daily activities- let it go instead, let it breath ūüôā
РOnce in awhile, massaging your intestine with the techniques demonstrated in my video to keep things moving!