A holistic and
individualized approach
for your pelvic health

Our philosophy is to provide each client with an individualized plan focused on their goals. We recognize that each patient is different and has specific needs. Therefore, our approach is flexible and adapted to each individual.

Release: Beyond Birthing Packages

Designed for Moms-to-Be, our packages offer the best tools, knowledge and exercises to prepare your body for a smooth delivery and optimize your post partum recovery. All of our packages include our popular "Get your Floor Ready for Baby" prenatal workshop, as well as our new "Post Partum Floor & Core Awareness" class.

In addition, Beyond Birthing offers you one or more physiotherapy sessions that you can use either before or after birth according to your needs. Finally, our home visit option - a service unique to Physio Borealis - ensures the most comfortable and stress free post natal pelvic health experience for you and your little one :)

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I cannot recommend Sophie enough to people. She has not only helped me heal a pelvic floor organ prolapse, but has also educated me on so much of my own body with regards to the pelvic floor and all that it's connected to. She's also very lovely, nice to talk with, and professional! I still check in with her every so often to keep everything in good order. Go see her! Especially if you're going to have a baby!!!

Danica Wrench -
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